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Aged Timeshare Exit Leads, Aged Timeshare Resale Leads, Timeshare Owners List

Aged Timeshare Exit Leads & Aged Timeshare Resales Leads: When our Exclusive Timeshare Leads become 60 days old they are then sold as "aged leads" at a discounted price. While most lead companies charge $1 or more for an aged lead up to 1 year old we charge much less. Our Aged Leads are 60 days old to 365 days old, we sell them for less than $0.11 each.

Timeshare Owners List: One of our most popular data sets is our 1.3 Million Timeshare Owners database

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Aged Opt-In Timeshare Leads 60 to 365 days old.

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After 60 days our Real-Time Exclusive Timeshare leads expire, no longer being exclusive. They now become Aged Leads. The timeshare owners searched the internet looking for ways to get out of their timeshare. 'How to get rid of my timeshare' was one of the most common searches. Their search led them to one of our landing pages where they filled out a questionnaire. This is not a list of timeshare owners, these are timeshare owners who actually want to get out of their timeshare.

  • Owners Who Want Out of Their Timeshare
  • Lower Cost than Exclusive Real-Time Leads
  • Contains More Information Than Our Competitors Leads!
  • Our Current Aged Lead Files has approximately 2,800 records.
  • That's less than $0.125 per lead.

Only $350.00
To Order The Aged Timeshare Leads File: 800-405-3846

The lead file is sent as a .CSV file. Here's A Sample of how the file will look.

1.3 Million Timeshare Owners Database

Perfect for Predictive Dialers, SMS Messaging, Phone Blast, or Email Champaign. Verifed 2021.

1.3 Million Timeshare Owners Database Our team of data experts spent a lot of time collecting a list of 1.3 million timeshare owners from nearly every resort in the world. Now, you can get a list of all the timeshare owners in your market within seconds, and automatically dial them. It is CSV format phone dialer ready. This timeshare owners list contains the Name, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, and Email address of 1.3 million timeshare owners. The information was collected from various sources including nationally-distributed surveys, official state records, and other public databases.

  • Data Includes 1.3 Million Timeshare Owners
  • Owners Name, Mailing Address, State, Zip, Phone Number, and Email Address of Timeshare Owners
  • Comes in .CSV format, ready for your dialers or CRM's.
  • Many who want to get rid of their timeshare.
  • Find people that want to buy a second timeshare or greatly reduced points on the Resale Market.
Please note this database does not have resort names

Only $300.00
To Order The Timeshare Owners Database: 800-405-3846

Timeshare Owners Database Timeshare Owners List

For more detailed information about Timeshare Owner Leads Database.

Contract Leads From a Timeshare Resale Company.

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This file contains about 2,600 Contract Leads from about 2019. These people have purchased Timeshare services so they have heard many of the pitches before. This makes them an easier sale then pitching a Timeshare Owner for the first time.

  • Owners Who Want Out of Their Timeshare
  • Good Low Cost Leads That Have Heard Timeshare Pitches Before
  • Each Lead has the date when the Timeshare Owner Purchased The Timeshare
  • Each Lead has the how much the Timeshare Owner paid for the Timeshare
  • Our Contract Lead Files has approximately 2,600 records

Only $100.00
Sorry, no longer available: 800-405-3846

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