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SEO - Search Engine Optimization is like getting free leads!

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search engine optimization seo

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Use SEO to improve your websites ranking on search engines. This will create more free traffic (organic) and leads. Good search engine ranking builds trust in your products and brand. We do both National SEO and Local SEO depending on your business requirements.

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Website Design & Development

The average user forms an opinion about your website after only 0.05 seconds. According to research, 97% of purchases are influenced by websites. Websites are the most effective tool for increasing sales and building trust.

website audit for seo

Web Site SEO Audit

To improve a website's efficiency and visibility, it is essential to perform a website audit. A website audit will show why your site isn't ranking as high as it could in the search engine results. The audit will tell us what needs to be changed.

keyword analysis for seo

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of any SEO strategy. Without knowing what keywords to target, you have little chance of being found by potential customers. Keyword Research involves study and analysis of the keywords people are using to find your product or service and that of your competitors.

seo help organic lead generation

Organic Lead Generation

Organic lead generation is a strategy that relies on your website’s organic search performance to generate new leads. With optimized content and a well-planned search strategy, you can drive a lot of qualified traffic to your site and convert them into qualified leads.

link building for organic seo

Link Building

SEO link building is the process of collecting links to your site from other sites. The more inbound links to your site, the better your rankings will be in search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more visitors you will receive. And the more visitors you receive, the more revenue you will generate.

Why Choose G2LeadsToSales

search engine optimization seo

G2LeadsToSales is the best agency for SEO as it provides the best SEO services to meet all your needs. We've been providing SEO, Organic Lead Generation, Website Development, and custom backend programming since 1999. With over 30 years of Software Engineering experience, we know how to get the job done on time and under budget. Our SEO team does the best SEO keyword research for your website to rank high in search engines.

G2LeadsToSales has a team of SEO experts who are dedicated to providing our clients with the best SEO services. We provide our clients with a wide variety of SEO services, including but not limited to Website Auditing, Lead Generation, Landing Page Design, Landing and Website Conversation Optimization, Mobile Optimization, and Keyword Research.

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5 Reasons Your Website Isn't
Generating Sales Leads

seo will help websites generate more leads
  • Your website isn't optimized for SEO. Again an in depth Website SEO Audit will show where your failing in SEO. 75% of people searching for your product or service will never go past page 1 of Google, you need to be page 1!
  • If your website isn't generating enough organic leads (free leads) you need to conduct a thorough audit of your web presence. Most likely you'll find that there isn't enought web traffic needed to generate the quantity of leads you desire. SEO will fix that problem.
  • Your website is not mobile friendly. A recent study by Google showed that more than 50% of all internet searches are done from a mobile device. They also showed that if you’re not mobile friendly, you also have a higher bounce rate.
  • Your website is not converting visitors into leads. Your landing page might need some CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization. It might be you're using the wrong color on your call to action button, or the copy doesn't make sense to someone not familuar with your product or service. We include CRO as part of the SEO service.
  • You don't have a call to action on your website. This is the most important factor when it comes to generating leads. The call to action can be as simple as 'Call us today' or 'Learn more about our services'.

Where is the best place to hide a dead body?
On page 2 of Google because that is the last place anyone ever looks!

All Businesses Need Both, National & Local SEO Strategies

Local and national SEO work together in order to make your website more visible. While local SEO is aimed at improving your website’s search engine rankings for local keywords such as “mortgage,” national SEO is focused on improving your website’s search engine rankings for broad keywords like “mortgage” or “dentist.” The two strategies are complementary, as one can provide traffic and leads for the other.

You’ve heard the terms “local SEO” and “national SEO.” While they may seem similar, they are actually quite different. Local SEO focuses on your city, state or country, and is the strategy of improving your website’s organic search rankings for specific local searches, such as “mortgage”, “dentist”, or "car dealers near me". National SEO, on the other hand, focuses on improving rankings for broad, national searches, such as "how to install a generator", or "what date is Memorial Day on this year".

Ideally, to grow your website traffic as much as possible you want to do both Local SEO and National SEO. By doing so you'll see more sales, more traffic, and more online leads being generated.

Local SEO

  • Boosts local brand awarenessand company recongnition.
  • More targeted traffic, which increases the chance of conversion
  • Establishes authority in your niche
  • Less competition
  • More affordable than a national champaign
  • Requires in-depth local market & industry research
  • Requires patience

National SEO

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Generates more traffic nationwide
  • Reaches awide audience
  • Costs more than local SEO
  • More Challenging to rank to the top
  • Competivtive keywords
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