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About G2LeadsToSales Website Development, Lead Gen, SEO, Digital Marketing

A quick look at who G2LeadsToSales is and our history through the years.


Owners Start in the Working World.

The Owner of G2LeadsToSales is George Fetter. He had graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After college, his first job was with Gilbert Associates in Reading, PA. While working at Gilbert's he continued earning college credits from Penn State. Which earned him his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. From 1985 to 1995 George was a software engineer at Gilberts. He developed software for Natural Gas, Electrical, and Water SCADA systems.


George Gets Wings.

One of his passions is flying. In 1988 George earned his Private Pilots License. Then going on to get an Instrument Rating as well as a Commercial Rating. Today he makes use of the Instrument & Commercial ratings in another small business start-up of his. He flies single-engine planes from one place to another. The common flight would be a plane owner in one city who needs an engine overhaul or a new engine installed but the plane owner doesn't have the experience to safely do that flight. Many private pilots don't log many hours per year. That makes it difficult to keep proficient or to learn new skills. On average the typical private pilot logs about 25 hours per year. As of this writing, George has logged over 10,000 hours and over 20,000 takeoffs and landings. That is greater than 10 times more flying than the average private pilot. Oh, and that was all in single-engine planes without a single-engine failure in flight.

Update, February 2022 George has his first and only engine failure emergency in a single-engine plane. The 6-cylinder engine stopped at 9,000' and George make a perfect landing at an airport 6 miles from where the engine failed.

the G2LeadsToSales airplane


Recruited by the Big Leagues

Thanks to the forecasting software George developed, a little-known company recruited George to work for them. This company, located just west of Philadelphia is called PJM Interconnection. George spent several years there and still consults for PJM as a Software Engineer. PJM is the country's largest Electrical Power Grid Operator. PJM covers 13 states plus Washington DC. They direct GigiWatts of power over 88,400 miles of high-voltage transmission lines (250,000 volts to 750,000 volts). That is where George learned the importance of writing lighting fast and error-free code. While working at PJM George developed databases and software to help in forecasting how much electrical energy would be required for the next 5 days. The PJM computer rooms and operations center is located 6 stories underground. That gives some indication of the importance of PJM's role in maintaining a reliable flow of electricity. George worked at their physical location until September 1999 when he left to work for his own company which he started in January 1999 called G2 Web Solutions. To this day George still does consulting work for PJM.


G2 Web Solutions Was Born

George started a web design and development company in January 1999 called G2 Web Solutions. Today it still is going strong. Within that company, there was a small segment where he was generating sales leads for various industries. Mostly for Timeshare Resale & Exit/Cancellation companies. Since George has many years of helping in the start-ups of several Timeshare Resale & Exit telemarketing rooms he knows what goes into generating a quality lead for the Timeshare Industry.

Nov. 2019

Name is Changed to G2LeadsToSales

In late 2019 in order to better align the company name with what it is G2 Web Solutions does, G2 Leads To Sales was born. For the first 20 years of G2 Web Solutions, more and more emphasis was placed on the generation of Sales Leads. After all, for most companies, their website's primary mission is to make sales and/or generate sales leads. With that comes SEO, Email Marketing, and an assortment of lead-generating tactics.

Mar. 2020

COVID-19 Strikes America

While COVID caused problems for many businesses, it was a blessing for others. Just about any business in the Digital Marketing space saw a major increase in business. And so did G2LeadsToSales. George is an experienced engineering consultant with a Masters's degree in Engineering from Penn State. He has over 30 years of experience working with all types of engineering projects. While working as a software engineer on the electrical power grid he started a business that went from $0.00 income in January 1999 to enough profit allowing him to quit his full-time job in just 9 short months. And here in 2022, the G2LeadsToSales is still a growing company in the Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Digital Marketing Sciences.

Feb. 2022

Some of George's Personal Quotes

What could your current lead provider be doing better or different that would have kept you from calling me?
People never buy the best product that exists, people buy the best product they've heard about!
Sales is where you can make more money than any other profession, its the only profession where if you want more money you work longer. You can't say that about other professional careers.

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