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What Are Aged Leads? Where to Aged Leads Come From? How to close Aged Timeshare Leads.

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What Are Aged Leads? Where to Aged Leads Come From? How to close Aged Timeshare Leads.
  • by George F
  • January 9, 2022
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What are Aged Leads? The answer is when a person fills out an online form answering some questions about whatever it is he's looking for that becomes a Real-Time Exclusive lead. All exclusive leads will be sold to one client for a period of usually 60 days. After 60 days that lead now will be sold to many different clients usually at a much-reduced price. Now it is an 'Aged' lead.

In this blog post, I’m going to dig into the question: What are Aged Leads? I will also teach you how to use these leads to grow your business. It is just one more tool in your digital marketing toolbox.

Let’s start with what aged leads are and how they come to be.


Find Out What Aged Timeshare Exit Leads Are

Age Leads is one of the topics I'm asked about the most, and for good reason. Not only do they make sense to me after 15 years of pioneering Age Leads as part of my sales process, but it's also because I mention them all of the time.

So in this blog post, I'm going to share with you what aged leads are and how to get them. They're valuable lead sources that should be integrated into your sales and marketing strategies.

To understand what aged leads are and how they come to be, let’s start from the beginning.

What is an Aged Lead?

Aged Leads are the result of real-time exclusive Internet leads that are generated by marketing companies (G2LeadsToSales, Lending Tree, NetQuote, etc.) that have “aged out” of being exclusive. For example, G2LeadsToSales Exclusive leads are exclusive for 60 days. That means when the lead was generated (usually as an Internet lead) it is sold to only 1 client. The company who generated the lead has promised the client he would not re-sell that same leads to another company for 60 days.  

On day 61 that lead no longer is considered an Exclusive Leads. It has "aged out" of the system and now is what most lead generators call an Aged lead. It doesn't matter if it's a Timeshare Leads, Roofing Leads, Mortgage Lead, Insurance Lead, or vacuum cleaner lead.

These days, the internet is a major player in our lives. It has revolutionized the way we do things and we now come to it for help with everything from important life decisions to figuring out what we want to eat for dinner.

If we need any type of insurance where do we first go? The internet, of course, looking for a quote and before you know it you are filling out an online form with your personal information. A real-time internet lead has just been born. While some lead companies would sell this same lead 3 - 5 times in that first day while other companies will sell it one time in the next 60 days name it Exclusive Lead. Day 61 the exclusive lead dies and now is called an aged lead and could be sold to 1 or 1000 more people.

Since this lead is no longer a ‘Real-Time Lead’ it has lost a large portion of its value. As an Exclusive Real-Time Lead it was probably sold to a client for $15 to $30 or even more. Since it no longer is exclusive (it not can be sold to as many people as the Lead Generation company sees fit) it is no longer a fresh, hot, new lead. I’ve seen most Lead companies sell Aged Leads at between $1.00 and $5.00 each.

At the time of this writing, G2LeadsToSales sells their Aged Timeshare Exit Leads and Aged Timeshare Resale Leads in a file containing 2800 Aged Leads for $300.00.  That is less than $0.11 per lead!

What this means for the lead buyer:

  • There's a huge opportunity with these leads and you can order them with a lot of ease and at an affordable cost too. Just a few days earlier these were $15 to $25 leads, now they are only $0.11 each.

  • When you’re paying just $0.11 for a lead, the customer is probably still looking into their options, but you’ll make your money back on the leads with these prices.

  • These leads are pre-qualified and we know they are looking for the products or services that we offer.

  • They have already Opted-In to receive emails, SMS text messages, and phone calls from us about the products and services we sell.

Hot leads are generally preferred more than aged leads because the lead providers want to make more money by selling you their service. And a Real-Time leads is ‘hotter’ in the fact the person just filled out a form, we know he wants our product now while with aged leads sometimes the person forgot he filled out a form. Or he could have already found the product or service he originally was seeking.

It’s clear to me that aged leads are one of the most significant sources of prospects out there, and probably more consistent, productive, and scale-able than other lead sources.

What Can “Aged Leads” Be Used For In My Business?

As aged leads are so affordable, it's possible to get a lot of use out of them before you would have to worry about using more expensive lead types. You can be more relaxed when it comes to the timing of sending emails with these leads.

Aged Leads are a great way to grow your solar business, insurance, mortgage, or timeshare exit business.

  • Build a huge contact list with interested clients by buying aged leads – one of the most affordable ways to quickly grow your customer base.

  • When your marketing and sales process is giving you excellent results, it's time to scale it so that you can meet the demand for high-quality leads. With aged leads, this is done at a fraction of the cost necessary to find new ones.

  • Training – this is a great way to use old leads! Sometimes brokers give new sales agents expensive, premium leads, but giving them aged leads means they still have opportunities without wasting as many resources.

Converting Aged Leads Into Closed Deals

It's important to set realistic expectations when you are working with aged leads. As you work on them, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • There's nothing wrong with aged leads - they're just old. Therefore, some of the contact information may be outdated.

  • It is important to realize that aging leads are not a magic bullet. You must develop a system for consistently marketing to these leads for several months rather than just one or two days. This is where a CRM system can at very least double your sales when selling to aged leads.

  • The conversion of aged leads is a numbers game. The larger the numbers, the larger the sales. While your conversions with aged leads will be lower, with a correct setup sales funnel and CRM system there will be very little work in taking those leads from being aged to being sales-ready with very few man-hours used by the sales force, the CRM does the work for you.

  • You can build a large sales and marketing database from aged leads if you continuously feed new ones into your system.

How the Mortgage, Insurance, Solar, and Timeshare Exit Industries Benefit From Aged Leads

Depending on the products and services that your business offer, aged leads have different ways of being integrated into your sales process.

Mortgage Leads: Mortgage Aged Leads

When it comes to mortgage leads, there is no denying the importance of strategy. Customers are infrequent visitors, you need a well-thought-out strategy because the typical person only deals with mortgages only a very few times in their life. Since a mortgage transaction is so infrequent there are a few important windows for turning a mortgage lead into a closed deal.

With all of the complexity and inexperience, there are many opportunities to have your mortgage deal be stolen while the customer is distracted and confused.

Not everyone makes a purchase right away. In the 60-90 day window from beginning your work on the Aged Leads you will start getting customers who weren’t qualified and simply just got lost in the process. And this is going to frustrating for both you and your customers.

This is where a CRM is gold. The CRM is going to periodically send the aged leads a series of emails over a period of time. Those emails aren’t to sell them on your service, but to educate them on how the mortgage game is played and how he can increase his chances of qualifying and being approved for the mortgage. The CRM can do all that without taking any time from your busy schedule.

After 90 days a lot of those leads weren't quite ready to responsibly handle a mortgage. The loan officer or mortgage broker manages to get these people approved (after all he wants to get a paycheck too). It was a bad and overpriced mortgage.

Insurance Leads: Insurance Aged Leads

Among the best characteristics of the insurance business are the inherent features that make it a good place to find aging leads. A consumer is always on the lookout for insurance, as it is one of those products a person thinks they must have and can't live without. I think insurance leads are some of the best-aged leads. Insurance is one of those products that consumers are or should be, always in the market for. As life changes – families grow, jobs and benefits change, income grows or shrinks, or credit improves or worsens – your insurance needs will change. Consequently, whether a lead is a day old or 90

Solar Leads: Solar Aged Leads

The solar market is a good opportunity for aged leads. There are many opportunities for older leads in the solar market. Customers do not buy in the same way as other home improvement segments.

Typically, they buy products in this category for their "moral" value, their technical fascination, and lastly, for their economic value. Furthermore, solar technologies and their options are constantly improving. Therefore, customers typically inquire to get information and ask questions, rather than buying a solar system right away.

Since a solar customer is going to take much longer to make their choice as to what system, installation company, or even if it's something they want to do the aged lead is probably a better choice over a real-time lead. It may be that they desire to get their research out of their system, or they just want to know that a lead nurturing campaign will lead them to purchase in the future.

Timeshare Leads: The benefit of Aged Leads for Timeshare Exit & Resale

The majority of Timeshare Exit and Resales companies do not use CRM's. Why I have no idea the Timeshare Industry (Exit and Resales) seem to do things differently than the rest of the marketing world. Without a CRM that means no automated email drip campaigns or true lead nurturing.

But these aged lead act as if they are nurtured lead. The reason is that the Timeshare Owners on these leads have talked to one and maybe more Timeshare companies. This means the Owner has heard the pitch and knows the processes making it a step closer to a nurtured lead. When we at G2LeadsToSales put together our Aged Lead file and sold it to a few of our clients the feedback we received was outstanding surprising. It was later that I realize these leads now know more about Exit companies, about the service, and have heard the pitch. Now when they were called a few months later the Timeshare owner is a bit more educated about Exit and Resale making for an easier sale.


You can read more about our Aged Lead file on our website: Aged Lead File 60 Days to 365 Days Old Pick a copy of our Aged Lead file as it contains 2800 leads between 60 Days and no older than 365 days old. Give it try and I'm sure you'll start closing the deal in no time.

how to close aged timeshare exit leads

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