Lead Nurturing for Timeshare Exit and Resales Leads

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lead nurtuing for the timeshare exit leads industry

98 out of 100 Timeshare Exit or Resales Professionals do not know what Lead Nurturing is.

That's right 98% of business owners in the Timeshare Exit/Resales space were not able to answer my survey question "Have you ever heard of Lead Nurturing, if so do you know what it is?"  Who's fault is that? The Timeshare Business Owners for not keeping the late procedures for converting Leads to Sales? Is it the Lead Providers for not educating the Timeshare Business Owners on the benefits of Lead Nurturing?  Well, I think it's a little of both.  But I have run into a few (much more than I expected) Lead Generation Company Owners who also didn't know what Lead Nurturing is.
Lead nurturing is used by a majority of sales and marketing companies to improve the likelihood of a lead converting.  We at G2LeadsToSales are doing our best to our clients close more.
Closing more deals start by educating our clients on lead nurturing, then if they so desire we are more than willing to help them set up their own lead nurturing program.  The only requirement to do successful and easy lead nurturing is that you have and use a CRM (Customer Relations Management Software). 
A CRM is another tool that seems to have left the Timeshare Exit/Resales businesses a little behind the times.  A few of the larger Timeshare Exit companies are now using CRMs.  Today there is no excuse for any business regardless of size to have and be using a CRM.  You can get a quality, loaded with features (including lead scoring and nurturing) for $0.00, yes FREE!. 
Recently I was telling an ex-client of mine that his sales would greatly improve if he only would get and start using a CRM.  He was so dead set in his old fashion ways of doing sales he tells me in not such a nice way that he doesn't want to use a CRM.  I believe the quote was 'I am not using a f***ing CRM'.
If you don't want to use a CRM maybe you should look at these statics. CRM software can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34%, and sales forecast accuracy by 42%. (source: Salesforce).   If someone told me that by using a piece of software my sales would go up nearly 30% I would waste no time at all in learning to use a CRM.   One of the best CRM that I've found is believe it or not totally FREE!!!  That would be HubSpot it's free there are options you can purchase but for Lead Tracking, Nurturing, and Emailing it's again FREE!

The 1st Company to Sell Nurtured Leads to the Timeshare Industry

In the very near future, G2LeadsToSales will be the first Lead Generation company to provide Lead Nurturing for Timeshare Exit or Resale Leads. Lead Nurturing will make our leads more qualified and sales-ready. Lead Nurturing is an automated process that will allow you to turn all of your Front Callers into Closers
Many industries are using Lead Nurturing as a way to reduce the number of employees needed and at the same time increase the number of closed sales.  Do you know what Lead Nurturing is? Glad you asked!
For the purpose of this email, we're going to assume these are leads for the Timeshare Exit & Resale industries.  Most other industries and marketing verticals have been using Lead Nurturing for several years as part of their sales cycle.  In this type of marketing, the Timeshare vertical has fallen behind other marketing verticals. Today most marketing verticals such as Insurance, Roofing, Auto Dealerships, and nearly every B2B (Business to Business) vertical has been using Lead Nurturing for several years.
A nurtured lead performs better than a live voice transfer lead, costs less than a voice transfer lead, and let's face it a voice transfer lead doesn't know you, your company, and never heard of you before you called them, therefore they don't trust you.  Today's problem, especially in the Timeshare Resales and Timeshare Exit verticals is trust. Lead Nurturing is the most effective way to build trust while at the same time reducing the front-callers time spent on the phone trying to get the Timeshare Owners' trust. Lead Nurturing is a fully hands-off, no human needed way to build trust between your company and the Timeshare Owner.  And, it's all automated.
Lead nurturing is the practice of actively engaging with leads by email over time. Lead nurturing allows companies to
guide prospects through the sales funnel and convert them into customers. This is done by using a series of carefully crafted emails. These emails are automatically sent to the Timeshare Owner about once per day for about 5 to 7 days.  Each email is going to ask the Timeshare Owner another 1 or 2 questions about his timeshare or situation. By the end of the series of lead nurturing emails, we then have about 14 pieces of information on this Timeshare Owner and the situation leading him/her to decide its time to get rid of the timeshare. This process of asking your lead just a few questions during each email (or each visit to your website) is called progressive profiling.
With progressive profiling, each time a lead fills out a form, you are progressively collecting new valuable information about them while keeping your forms short and easy to complete.  This enables you to build up the amount of information, or intelligence, you collect about your individual leads without causing more friction in the conversion process.
If you tried to ask 14 questions on a landing page today your answer rate would plummet.  The fewer questions asked on a landing page the more leads you'll get.  When using lead nurturing most landing pages only ask for your name and email address.  Currently, we ask 11 questions.  A study conducted by Walmart has shown when they reduced their landing page from 11 questions down to 2, the number of leads it produced rose by nearly 500% (5 times more leads with fewer questions).
When using lead nurturing as a new lead comes into the system it is not sent to a sales team that day to be called within minutes.  The lead nurturing software will, within seconds, send the Timeshare Owner a very short and simple welcome email.  This email will have a couple of sentences explaining who the company is and what they do.  This email will also inform the Timeshare Owner that over the course of about 7 days he will receive a short email each day telling him more about the options available to him in getting rid of his timeshare. 
As we go through this 7-day sales cycle we know if the timeshare owner is still interested and engaged in our process based on if or if he doesn't answer the 2 new questions in each email.  The first time he leaves a question blank instead of getting the next email in sequence he will be sent a different mail which will try to explain why we're asking these questions.  If he totally becomes disengaged in our emails we can send him into a different series of emails in an attempt to get him back, if that doesn't work we just remove him from the sales cycle and put him in the "deal lead" file to be tried again next year.  But just saved your Front-Callers a lot of time.
At any time through the process, each email will give the Timeshare Owner the Option to call the timeshare company and speak with someone, or set up an appointment for the timeshare company to contact him.  At this point in the game, you know you have a very serious Timeshare Owner and that is about as hot as a lead can get. There's your One Call Close!

One Major Advantage of Lead Nurturing is that it Builds Trust

According to many studies, the reason the Lead Nurturing process is more effective than running to a phone and calling the Timeshare Owner minutes after he submits his information is that he will have heard more about your company, recognize your company name, and will have gained a little more trust in your company.  You need to remember that the person requesting information on your service really doesn't know you, know your company, or how the Resale or Exit process works.  Therefore he doesn't trust you, before today he never heard of you or your company's name, He just doesn't trust you. A major purpose of Lead Nurturing is to slowly build trust and name recognition between the Timeshare Owner and your company before you ever call him.  Once that trust has been built the sales call and closing will be much easier.
How much would you pay for a lead that called you to purchase your Timeshare Resale or Exit service, a lead you never spoke to before, he's calling to give you money!
In the days before automation the lead nurturing process would almost be impossible but today it is much easier. And with the ability to track the Timeshare Owner across the web, we can see if the Timeshare Owner went to your website and what pages he read.  If he spent a considerable amount of time reading various articles and blogs then we know he is getting more and more serious.  The automation software then breaks out of the 7-day email sequence early and sends the lead to you early.
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